When it comes to electronic dance music, ODESZA is one of the most popular EDM duos out there. The American music duo consists of Harrison Mills and Clayton Knight. ODESZA was formed in 2012 when both artists were about to graduate from Western Washington University. Prior to being known as ODESZA, they were known as Catacombkid and BeachesBeaches. Hailing from Bellingham, Washington, ODESZA’s debut album “Summers’s Gone” was released in 2012. 

The Beginning

Prior to forming ODESZA, Clayton Knight and Harrison Mills were students at Western Washington University. They met during their freshman year. While Clayton was studying physics and mathematics, Harrison was pursuing graphic design. The electronic duo started working together on music projects in their senior year. Although Clayton Knight was classically trained in piano, he later started learning the guitar.

The Creation of ODESZA

Before releasing their debut album “Summer’s Gone”, the music duo decided to name their band “ODESZA”. The name was taken from a sunken vessel called “Odessa”. The vessel belonged to Harrison Mills’ uncle. The only surviving members of the vessel included his uncle and one other crew member. However, individually, Harrison Mills is known as Catacombkid and Clayton Knight as BeachesBeaches.

Music Career

After releasing their debut album “Summer’s Gone”, which received a lot of recognition. ODESZA released their second music album titled “In Return” on the 9th of September, 2014. This album was their debut release on “Ninja Tunes” and its imprint, Counter Records. While pursuing their music career, the music duo also launched their own record label “Foreign Family Collective”. This is an outlet for musicians and visual artists alike. The goal is to help new and upcoming artists gain exposure by releasing one-off singles. 

Soon after, ODESZA earned their first-ever Grammy Award Nomination for “Say My Name” (RAC Mix) in 2016. ODESZA’s third studio album “A Moment Apart” was released in September 2017. Eventually, it was featured in the number three position on the Billboard 200 chart. Their album also topped the Top EDM Albums chart. The electronic music duo have won several awards and nominations throughout their career. This also includes a nomination for “Producer of the Year” at the Electronic Music Awards in 2017. Recently, ODESZA released their fourth studio album titled “The Last Goodbye”. With several exciting plans for the future, we can't wait to see what ODESZA has next in store for us! 

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