Tijs Michiel Verwest or better known as Tiësto is a popular Dutch DJ and music producer. Hailing from Breda, Tiësto is often regarded as the Godfather of EDM. The Dutch DJ has also been named the “Greatest DJ of All Time.” and “the best DJ of the last 20 years” by Mix Magazine and DJ Mag respectively. The Grammy Award-winning artist has been influencing electronic dance music since the 2000s. 

Early Life

Tiësto was born on January 17, 1969, in Breda, North Brabant. Music played a very important role throughout his childhood. As a teenager, In The Mix from Ben Liebrand and the Ferry Maat Soulshow were some of his favorite radio shows. Soon after, the dutch DJ began DJing professionally at parties and events. During the early years of his career, Tiësto generally played acid house and new beat.

Music Career

During his initial years as a DJ and music producer, Tiësto produced hardcore and gabber tracks. Eventually, he was discovered by the general manager of Basic Beat Recordings. This is where he met Arny Bink. The duo soon decided to form the label Black Hole Recordings. During this period, Tiësto released his CD series “In Search of Sunrise” and the “Magik”. As time progressed, Tiësto collaborated with various artists including Ferry Corsten. He used to perform under the name “Gouryella”. 

Eventually, Tiësto released his debut solo album titled “In My Memory”. This album was a super hit and gave the Dutch DJ a huge breakthrough in his music career. Tiësto’s second album “Just Be” was released in 2004. He was also the first DJ to perform live on stage at the Summer Olympics opening ceremony in Athens. Later on, Tiësto also launched his own radio show “Tiësto’s Club Life” on Radio 538. Some of Tiësto’s other popular albums include “Elements of Life”, “Kaleidoscope”, “Kiss from the Past”, and “The London Sessions”. Often regarded as the Godfather of EDM, Tiësto has also won a Grammy Award for his remix version of John Legend’s stellar track “All of Me”. 

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