The Dutch – Moroccan DJ ‘R3HAB’ has just released an amazing and solid new track called ‘Party Girl’, and it will definitely make you want to party all night! This new and super energetic track is just as awesome as his past hits. He has been releasing some incredible tracks this summer and we are truly in love with them. His previous release ‘Thinking About You’ with Winona Oak was also a banger! R3HAB also said a few lines about his new track; “I haven’t done something like this in a while, and I must say it felt great working on this track. It is a different version with a different sound, but when you hear it, you will definitely recognize the touch of R3HAB”.

R3HAB’s latest track ‘Party Girl’ is a super energetic track with the beats and sound tuned exactly to sync into the rhythm of our bodies and make your body move right away. The track begins with a soothing and beautiful instrumental riff and then progresses into an awesome bassline infused with his signature high-energy electronic sound. The track is bound to get you up and charged the moment you hear it. It gives off a positive and energetic vibe and is really peppy! The lyrics are super catchy as well, and when you listen closely, R3HAB describes how he is falling for a party girl, who is a party animal and loves to live a wild and adventurous life. He describes how he doesn’t care what anyone says and just wants to be with her. The track is optimized with perfect beats and overall has an energetic feel which will leave you dancing for hours. ‘Party Girl’ has been released on R3HAB’s label – CYB3RPVNK 

The music video of R3HAB’s ‘Party Girl’ brings back memories of the days when we used to have some truly fantastic music festivals and shows. We do miss those amazing shows and music festivals which are a paradise for music lovers like us. Hopefully, the situation will get better soon and we can get our favorite artists like R3HAB back and performing, transforming our festivals into a super incredible experience.  

Fadil El Ghoul or better known as R3HAB has been constantly dropping track after track and has shown the competition that he will not stop. Over the course of 8 years, his music career has truly been remarkable and he has made a big name and reputation for himself in the EDM industry. In 2018, he was ranked at number 12 on the DJ Mag Top 100 DJs in the world. R3HAB is truly a talented and wonderful artist and we expect more such awesome music from him soon! So, go ahead and experience this sensational new track. 

Experience this amazing new track here:

You can watch the Music Video for ‘Party Girl’ here: