The amazing music makers Black Eyed Peas have recently released their pep new song called ‘Action’. It is a high energy track filled with perfect beats that will leave you all charged! The track is accompanied by a fantastic video filled with some crazy visuals that are bound to leave you stunned. Their YouTube video thumbnail says “This video for Action shows our love and appreciation for Bollywood and the imagination and awesomeness it brings to the screen”. Their latest track ‘Action’ is out on all the major music streaming platforms.

‘Action’ is a peppy new song with beats that will sync to the rhythm of your body and make you move! The melody and lyrics are catchy with some truly addictive beats. According to The Black Eyed Peas, they have been inspired by Indian culture from the beginning of their career. From Asha Bhosle to A.R Rahman, Indian music has influenced their songs on more than one occasion. And this latest song is an awesome creation with influence from the Bollywood industry and their music.

The video for “Action” starts off by displaying a written warning which says “This video was made with DEEP FAKE technology… Do not believe everything you see”. And it sure makes sense once you watch the video. From flying cars to bullet catching robots, the video shows some really wild action moves! The scenes for the video have been taken from hit Bollywood movies like “Robot” and “Singham”. Using ‘Deep Fake Technology’ the Black Eyed Peas have imposed their faces on the faces of Bollywood actors like Rajnikanth and Ajay Devgan. This makes the video a whole lot more fun and wild. It shows some intense fighting and action scenes that defy all the laws of physics. This is one music video you must definitely watch!

“Action” is a tribute to India from the Black Eyed Peas and their Indian fans have surely loved it! The amazing visuals combined with the energetic and peppy beats make it a phenomenal track! The Black-Eyed Peas have once again given us a solid new track to get hooked on. Having sold an estimated eighty million records, it makes them one of the best-selling music groups of all time. Over their remarkable career, the Black Eyed Peas have given us some phenomenal tracks and awesome melodies, making a place in all of our hearts. We look forward to more such incredible new tracks soon. So go ahead and enjoy this latest track and thrilling music video!

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