The Electric Daisy Carnival or better known as EDC is the largest electronic dance music festival in North America. The multi-day festival is a paradise for electronic dance music lovers. Featuring popular EDM artists like Calvin Harris, Armin Van Buuren. Diplo, Martin Garrix, Zedd, Dillon Francis. Afrojack, Yellow Claw. and a lot more, the EDC hosts a wide variety of artists and combines several different styles of electronic music. These electronic music styles include techno, house, and dubstep.

The EDC Experience

The EDC is much more than just a music festival. Apart from featuring some of the biggest names in the EDM industry, the Electric Daisy Carnival incorporates a wide variety of carnival themes, awe-inspiring stage production, and delivers an out-of-the-world experience to their audience. With fans coming in from across the globe, the EDC offers people a chance to enjoy and experience their favorite artists performing live. This reason and unique experience attracts fans from across the globe.

Event Details

The Electric Daisy will begin on Friday, May 20th, 2022, and continue until the 22nd at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway. The event has several sponsors which include Uber, Corona, Tinder, and Smirnoff. Apart from the sensational musical experience, people can also experience three-dimensional superstructures. LED light shows, and interactive art that make the festival a must-visit multi-sensory experience.

How to Purchase EDC Tickets

Offering an all-around entertaining experience, the EDC also features several carnival rides and has a staff of more than 5,000. These people organize and manage the entire event at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway. Since its inception, the EDC has been held at several iconic locations across the globe. That includes the UK, Japan, India, Mexico, Brazil, and Puerto Rico. The carnival also offers a wide range of gourmet food and drink options and several types of merchandise for people to purchase. Tickets to the carnival can be purchased online at EDC’s official site

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