John Paul Orchiso, or better known as Blanke, is a rising talent in the electronic dance music scene. Hailing from Canberra, Australia, Blanke is an EDM music producer and DJ. Having gained popularity in 2016 and amassing millions of streams since then, he has seen a rapid rise in the EDM industry. Blanke has also been featured at No. 7 on “Run The Traps Breakout Artists” of 2018.

Early Life

Blanke was born on December 16th, 1991 in Bundaberg, Australia. He started his music career in 2015 with the release of his first remix on the Downright Music Label. Since then, Blanke has gained a huge fan following all across the globe. In 2016, Blanke released his first EP “Black Mamba/Koji” with Artist Intelligence Agency. 

Soon, in 2017, he released his second EP “Curiosity” and a few other remixes. His popular remix of PNAU’s Changa has over 6 million spins on Spotify and is on Billboard Dance’s Top 10 Remixes of 2018.

Music Career

Blanke has released several remixes and tracks in collaboration with Buygore. Dim Mak Records. Kannaibalen Records, Ultra Records, Circus Media. and more. 2018 was a very successful year for Blanke. As he released several stellar pieces of music and gained popularity amongst EDM lovers. In 2019, Blanke released “Mixed Signals” in collaboration with popular electronic music producer, Rezz. 

Apart from his music releases Blanke has had several successful tours in countries such as the U.S., New Zealand, and Australia. He recently performed at NYC’s Electric Zoo festival and his music was a huge hit amongst EDM fans. The festival represents all genres of EDM music, bringing top international DJs and live acts from multiple countries to four stages. 

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