The EDM music industry has several incredible artists. However, only a few have what it takes to rise to the top. Kate Ellwanger aka Dot is one such talented artist. Recently, Kate has released a brand new track titled “Nova’s Theme”. This track is part of her album “Life Support”. This is a wonderful 16 track album that features Kate’s unique yet fresh style of music. Kate creates and self-produces her tracks, and this album is the result of her passion for music. This album features techno-electro-based music with an energetic vibe. Kate's music features electronic rhythms that take you on a journey of melody. The track “Nova’s Theme” is one of the sixteen tracks from her album. Overall, Kate’s music is fresh and presents a new style of electronic rhythms. 

Message Behind the Album

The album “Life Support” is a special project for Kate Ellwanger aka Dot. For instance, the album’s title “Life Support” conveys a message that Kate wants to spread through her music. Kate shares “The title track, ‘Life Support’, is an important one for me because of the sense of urgency it conveys”. She explains how some tracks will uplift you while others will deliver an intense melodic experience. The entire album was initially a set of 75 tracks that Kate created in 50 days during the lockdown caused by Covid-19. Later, she finalized 16 tracks and polished them to perfection.

Overall, the album features diverse and interesting electronic rhythms. From electro bass music, soft and ambient beats to unique riffs, this is a perfect package. The track “Nova’s Theme” is one such creation. It features energetic music that will lift your spirits and energize you from within. 

Kate's Life Story

Kate Ellwanger is one of the few EDM artists who create, compose and produce music by themselves. In addition to self-producing music, Kate is a talented vocalist and instrumentalist. Based in Idaho, she is a rising talent in the electronic music scene. Kate creates and produces music under her alias “Dot”. Kate's grandmother's name was Dorothy, who was also a musician. She passed away before Kate was born. Therefore, she uses the name Dot as she wishes to connect with her grandmother.

In conclusion, “Life Support” is a fantastic album consisting of some truly spectacular tracks. Her music will make your body dance to its beats! With high-energy electro-music, her tracks radiate positively. So, go ahead and experience Kate’s wonderful music! For more such Soulful EDM news and information, do check out our website – DLK Soulful EDM.

Check out Kate Ellwanger aka Dot’s latest track “Nova’s Theme” HERE

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