The talented and amazing EDM musicians Galantis and Ship Wrek have collaborated with rising R&B star Pink Sweat$ for a peppy and fresh new single titled ‘Only A Fool’. Both Galantis and Ship Wrek have been creating some awesome music lately and this latest collaboration with Pink Sweat$ shows their dynamic side and the pure talent they possess. The producer and singer Pink Sweat$ has combined his charming and melodious vocals to the awesome and addictive beats from both the EDM DJ and producers Galantis and Ship Wrek to create this solid track. This latest release is truly a fresh and unique song created with the fusion of EDM and R&B music. ‘Only A Fool’ has been released on Big Beat Records and is out now on all the major music streaming platforms.

This latest track marks the third song release for Galantis in this month alone. Their previous release ‘The Lake’ was also a super solid track. Both Galantis and Ship Wrek have been using their creative talents and energy throughout the quarantine in creating amazing music for their fans. ‘Only A Fool’ features a mix of both worlds as it is a track made with the fusion of R&B and EDM music, which has resulted in a super energetic track that radiates positive vibes. Along with the rhythmic harmonies created by both the EDM stars, Pink Sweat$ soulful voice adds to the overall charm of the song. The way this song has been presented is totally unique and a new kind of music that people are bound to enjoy.

Pink Sweat$ describes how this song is about the people who are a major part of our lives but aren’t perfect and have flaws. But the true meaning of love is to accept people just the way they are and embrace them with flaws. With love, everything can be accomplished and mastered. Music has the power to inspire, bring hope and joy, and this latest track brings positivity and a beautiful vibe in these challenging times. The track features some incredible music and soulful vocals that radiate nothing but pure love. This groovy new track is bound to get you addicted to it. Rising talent Pink Sweat$ has given this track his best and showcased how phenomenally talented he is. 

Galantis, Ship Wrek, and Pink Sweat$ together have created a gorgeous and peppy new track that will lift up your spirits and get you all up and charged! With the groovy beats that sync with the body and soul and mesmerizing vocals, this new song is definitely going to be on your regular playlist. So go ahead and experience this sensational new track and get ready to move with its amazing melodies!

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