The popular EDM artist and producer Armin Jozef Jacobus Daniel van Buuren or better known as Armin Van Buuren recently revealed the top 1000 “A State of Trance” tracks list for the 1000th episode of his famous radio show. Armin Van Buuren has been hosting the weekly radio “A State of Trance” since 2001 and it is broadcasted to nearly 40 million listeners in eighty-four countries on over one hundred FM radio stations. And music lovers are thrilled and looking forward to the 1000th episode of this incredible show. Starting from the 14th of January, Armin will be hosting the exclusive and extended weeklong livestream for the 1000th episode of ASOT which holds various surprises for its audience. 

Armin Van Buuren had tweeted “I’ve got a special ASOT announcement! Many of you submitted your favorite ASOT plays of all time last year. Join me on the road to ASOT Episode 1000 with a special ASOT Top 1000 countdown from Jan. 14 (10 PM CET) till Jan. 21 via YouTube/Twitch/Facebook”). Starting from the 14th of January up till the 21st, Armin Van Buuren will host a legendary weeklong stream that will encompass some of the best tracks and songs selected by him and the submissions made by his audience. This seven-day long event will be streamed on his Twitch, Facebook, and YouTube accounts. Fans from across the world are thrilled and excited to experience this first-of-its-kind event.

With people in quarantine across the globe, this event is a great initiative by Armin Van Buuren as this weeklong event will be a great way to enjoy and relax with some of the best tunes. The list of 1000 songs is expected to have contributions from various popular artists and music creators. After the 999th episode of the “A State of Trance” show that will take place on the 14th of January, Armin Van Buuren will start this special and exciting weeklong stream that will finally end on 21st January, which will mark the 1000th episode of his legendary show. This show has been hosted by Armin Van Buuren and his co-host Ruben de Ronde and continues to be a fan-favorite broadcast.

Having had a remarkable music career and hosting a wonderful fan-favorite show for nearly two decades, this 1000th episode of the “A State of Trance” will be celebrated in a special and interesting way, and there will be plenty of surprises for fans. With more than forty million listeners, Armin Van Buuren has a huge audience and they are excited and thrilled to be a part of this special weeklong event. So, go ahead and tune in to this wonderful weeklong event by Armin Van Buuren and experience the top 1000 ASOT tracks of all time. With various surprises and interesting events planned for this special show, we can’t wait to see what Armin Van Buuren has in store for us!